Our Projects

Group Clean-ups

Since February 2002, group clean-up events have been organized with great results. During these events, volunteers meet up at a given location and time, and spend up to four hours cleaning their assigned section of the river. CVRCS organizes two official group clean-ups each year and there are also smaller group clean-ups being hosted by community groups and schools at times.

Adopt a RiverAdopt a River program

Adopt a River is designed to improve the state of Chilliwack Vedder River, by combining river stewardship and community effort. The idea is inspired by the successful Adopt a Highway program that has kept many roadways clean in North America. CVRCS has broken Chilliwack Vedder River into many small segments (1 to 2km long) that can be adopted by the general public.

It enables civic clubs, individuals, garden clubs, businesses, churches and other organizations to maintain them. Volunteers perform litter pick-up approximately three times per year. This program helps to reduce the cost of clean-ups and allows more freedom for the Chilliwack Public Works crew and FVRD staff to do jobs that can't be done by volunteers.

City of Chilliwack Area

Please note that the Adopt a River sections in Chilliwack have changed, and we are currently working on displaying that information here. In the meantime if you need more information please contact Tara Friesen at the City of Chilliwack, from this page at their web site. The adopters we have on record for this section of river as listed here.

Fraser Valley Regional District Area

Adopt a River sections in the FVRD are currently managed by the CVRCS. The adopters we have on record for this section of river are as follows . . .

If your group is interested in participating in this program, please contact us.